Turns out that Santa Claus lives in New England and his name is @nucleo

Genuinely still amazed at his generosity and the generosity that most people on the One More Stop server show eachother.

This is definitely something I did not have on my bingo card for 2022.

However, if I really think about it, only makes sense that it would be Ricoh/Pentax. You got to be out there to commit yourself to DSLRs in a world of mirrorless so why not go one step further?


Once upon a time, I used to mooch around cemeteries more than I probably should and photograph the older graves.

Was going through some old stuff I hadn't really looked at properly and found this. Not sure about everywhere else but there is an abundance of run down and neglected graves even in active cemeteries.

And for some reason I've always been fascinated by them and by who the people may have been.

And if there is another thing that the Coolpix has taught me is to experiment with things I would have never considered.

Because of my very Dusseldorfian leanings when it comes to photography, motion blur is not something I would have ever wanted to use nor had any interest in. But turns out that sometimes it's what is needed for a given shot.

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Pictures within pictures: Did you know that #WetCollodion is still the highest resolution #photography process, even 171 years after its invention?

This means there are often pictures within pictures, things you wouldn’t have necessarily spotted with the naked eye.

For example, take this photograph I made in 2017 of the view from #Whitby #RNLI lifeboat station.

Look closely and you’ll see people on *two* benches in the crop. I wonder what they were chatting about.


Been a bit on a photobook binge, only curtailed by lack of funds and for some reason, came across this.

Definitely very interesting discussion about the photobook, its role within photography and how the digital era has affected it.


A while back, when I had the time to go out and shoot, I used to take out with me a Nikon Coolpix S7000. I would stick it in my pocket and bring it with me wherever I was going, even if it was to go and get some groceries.

I need to start doing it again because shooting with a digicam was one of the most liberating experiences when it comes to photography. It allowed me to just shoot whatever caught my attention and not care about perfect framing or composition.

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Both and welcome

As soon as I heard about Alys Tomlinson's project about costumes worn for folk and religious festivals in Italy, I knew I had to back the project.

And I'm very glad to have done so because this arrived today and the portraits (or anthropological studies?) are excellent. Portraits are not usually my thing but this is excellent so if you can, grab a copy!

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Spending Thanksgiving week up in the mountain town of Idyllwild. The catholic church was deserted so I wandered around to do some

Been lusting over Architecture of Density for a few years and now I finally have the reprint that came out earlier this year, I'm glad that the work absolutely lived up to my expectations. In some cases wildly exceeded them.

TIL that Mastodon is very picky with image file formats.

Not quite sure why I exepected differently, but here we are. How is everyone else finding Mastodon for sharing their photography vs the blue bird thingy?

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The last of the IR Trichromes in this set
I shouldn’t have included the barbed wire
Or maybe it’s a metaphor…

Rollei IR 400
Chroma 4x5
Nikkor W 135/5.6
DAYI 6x17 roll film back
720 filter
Green filter
Blue filter


As someone who was born abroad, the red phone box is something that I always associated with Britain. At the same time, despite being 'only' 33, I actually did use phone boxes as a child. Mostly one that was across the street from where I lived. And kids in Italy used to collect phone cards as Telecom Italia, our version of BT, often released limited edition designs.

The last phone boxes: broken glass, cider cans and – amazingly – a dial tone

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As this seems to be the thing to do, here it goes.

I'm Rob, born in Italy but living in England. Bramd new dad, working as a business analyst.

However, my love is elsewhere. Historian by training, I've loved everything from as early as I can remember and still very much do. The past few years I've also caught the bug real hard. Mostly because I'm just in love with the process.

Expect most photography talk and history ramblings.

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