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Darkroom day!

I made prints for the first time in about 2 months!
Enjoyed the time in the darkroom!
Thou I made couple silly mistakes😅 like forgetting to change the aperture of enlarger, forgetting to put the lever back to “print”, etc..

#believeinfilm #darkroomprints #darkroom

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Another exhibition is opening tomorrow (Beyond the Landscape at Mixer, İstanbul. Details: Beyond excited. This time, it's a duo show; my work will be exhibited along with a painter's (Umut Toros). I haven't seen the installation yet, but I'm sure it will be very visually rich. I can't wait.

#photography #exhibition #fujifilmx70

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For over a decade, I’ve been posting my Polaroids on IG. I’ve been thinking about opening up my collection to purchase (almost 20 years of Polaroids). I’m solexposure there. There are so many of these original works that deserve to be seen, on a wall or shelf. Framed. Not living their life in a drawer. Getting the originals is like getting a plein air painting. It was there, breathing the same air of the setting & it’s the only one ever made. Here are a few recent favs. #art #photography

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(en retard / late)

Bonus 31
2. à l’étranger
3. un paysage
8. un pont
9. sans personne
11. contrastée
12. prise en hauteur
15. en noir & blanc
23. il y a plus de 2 ans
30. de route

Bonus 31
2. shot abroad
3. a landscape
8. a bridge
9. nobody
11. with contrast
12. shot from above
15. black & white
23. more than 2 years ago
30. a road

#Photography #Iceland

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The Crane, Gdansk,
Ruth Hallensleben, 1939

The Crane, the largest port crane of medieval Europe.

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We're excited to announce that our next three 'Field Notes' zines are now available to pre-order! 🔥

'As Far As Half The Time Left' by Natalie Dawson.
'Apennines Roads' by Michele Vittori.
'Way Over Yonder' by TJ Lüdecke.

100 copies of each, just £8 each -

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Reactivated my Canon Pro-1000 after almost two years. Seeing a picture come to life on paper just never gets old ❤️
#photography #printing #canon #blackandwhitephography

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Flash is a male Kestrel, utterly gorgeous, I photographed him at a rescue centre a few years ago, being so close to him was such a privilege, he of course was totally non plussed lol #Kestrel #Raptor #BirdOfPrey #RescueBird #RescueCentre #Birds #BirdsOfMastodon #Photography #PortraitPhotography #AltText

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Years ago I experimented with infrared film. When you found the right subject, it worked really well. This was shot at a park adjoining the local library (April 2014).

Bronica SQ
Efke IR820
Some IR filter or other
#infrared #Bronica #BelieveInFilm #tennessee

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