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Tom Wood.

This style of photographing in itself, committing to a neighborhood, a city, with a camera in hand every day for 30 some years, feels archaic today.

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Seeing Joshua Trees burned up from wildfires is a sad sight.

📷 Leica MP
🎞️ Kodak Portra 160

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Richard and Cherry Kearton.
1890s. Quite possibly the world’s first professional wildlife photographers.

Blue tit’s nest in a hollow fruit tree.

Tree pipit feeding young cuckoo.

Dartford warbler and chick on Richard Kearton’s hand.

Richard Kearton with jackdaws.


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In my opinion, one of the best feeling being a film photographer, is that moment when I realized I've unknowingly already took an epic shot a few weeks earlier.

Those are the awesomest moments.

Konica FT1
Hexanon 24/2.8
Cinestil 400D

#believeinfilm #filmphotography

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Midtown Manhattan.

(Vertically formatted image; you may need to click on the preview to see the whole thing)

More pixels than anyone needs at


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My timeline is full of landscapes today, so here's my contribution from today's hike.

Schwyz, one of the founding cantons, flaunts its natural beauty. It's the epitome of a Swiss landscape.

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Old bicycle, propped up against the wall of an abandoned house⁠

📷 Zenit E⁠
🔎 Helios-44 58mm⁠
🎞️ #ilfordhp5 #35mm
🗓️ March 2023⁠
🗺️ Ireland⁠

#filmisnotdead #believeinfilm #filmphotography

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Something unusual today, just for #SilentSunday ... this is photo taken with iPhone from the car while driving through Belgium 😬 🤫

#iphoneography #photography #BlackAndWhite #BlackAndWhitePhotography

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