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hi Mastodon! I'm nucleo aka Chris and I'm here mostly to talk about and . I'll do a longer intro later but for now please enjoy one of my favorite images of a

Two recent photobooks i made. Finding Each Other in the Ring is about matches and Things About to Happen is a collection of from

As some of you have seen via my Twitter, I’ve been enjoying both shooting and modifying Game Boy Cameras recently. Thanks to @devanopolis for the push, and @gameboycamera inspirations for the mods.

Today with the #GameboyCamera for the #1990sCameraChallenge #ShittyCameraChallenge we have, wait for it, a #Gameboy TRICHROME!!

I was so stoked that this actually worked, though it's a bit fiddly holding the filters in front of the lens of the camera.

I have not been out with a film camera for a while, which is something I need to rectify. In the meantime, I have been digging back through my archives. Old barn in Rowley, Alberta from 2018. Fuji GW690 with a red filter, Ilford HP5+ at box speed. #BelieveInFilm #FilmIsNotDead #FilmPhotography #ShootFilmBeNice #BlackAndWhite

It's probably a good time to say Hello 👋 I'm Séamus! 🇮🇪
(#Introduction post)

I come from the reddit #Analog and insta #35mm #Photography communities but joined at the same time as #BelieveInFilm have arrived. Some overlap!

I shoot exclusively #Film using #Minolta cameras and represent the #MinoltaGang. I run some external groups.

Outside of my hobby of #FilmPhotography I work in #RemoteSensing and #GIS / #EarthScience, but this account won't be focusing on that.

From my XE w/Tri-X in 🇦🇹 :

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