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hi Mastodon! I'm nucleo aka Chris and I'm here mostly to talk about and . I'll do a longer intro later but for now please enjoy one of my favorite images of a

Two recent photobooks i made. Finding Each Other in the Ring is about matches and Things About to Happen is a collection of from

As some of you have seen via my Twitter, I’ve been enjoying both shooting and modifying Game Boy Cameras recently. Thanks to @devanopolis for the push, and @gameboycamera inspirations for the mods.

Today with the #GameboyCamera for the #1990sCameraChallenge #ShittyCameraChallenge we have, wait for it, a #Gameboy TRICHROME!!

I was so stoked that this actually worked, though it's a bit fiddly holding the filters in front of the lens of the camera.

Somehow simultaneously excited for Mastodon's success and also wanting to touch grass and stop using the Internet

Josef Sudek

Sudek was Czech photographer from Prague. He was notably shy, never showing to up to his exhibition openings and rarely photographing people. He learned to operate a bulky view camera with only one arm. The other he lost in WWI. He kept an extensive library of classical music.

He is my favorite photographer for winter days with sleet and cold.

Hello, I'm Karl. I am a photographer currently living in a rural corner of Missouri. Currently I'm finishing coursework for a degree, having already had my thesis exhibition. So far I've made two small series largely focused on land use and my relationship to the region. Check out my website to view them!

My other interests include computer science (my other degree!), German, & journalism.

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