Pluto’s ice mountains, frozen plains and layers of atmospheric haze backlit by a distant sun, as seen by the New Horizons spacecraft.

Full HD widescreen version on Youtube:

Two recent photobooks i made. Finding Each Other in the Ring is about matches and Things About to Happen is a collection of from

After months of learning and making, I have finally made a handmade photobook for my Jackdaw series. The handmade box contains two handmade books with 16 cyanotype prints and a typewritten essay that tells the story behind this project. #photography #books #photobooks #handmade #bookbinding #printing #cyanotypes

Turns out that Adobe is collecting all of its customers' pictures into a machine learning training set.

This is opt-out, not opt-in so if you use Lightroom, for example, it defaults to adding all of your photos to the set.

If these are unpublished pictures, work-in-progress, etc. they'll still be analysed as soon as they're synced.

I've been using Lightroom to sync photos from my Windows desktop to my iPad. Now I need to reconsider that.

A weekend invitation to our little global photography collective chat room on Discord at
Very inclusive, no gatekeeping on gear or film vs digital. Just photographers socializing & being supportive. Photography is cool and good!

It's sad how much gatekeeping in photography I've seen over the last few years. Today I found a video of a Dass transfer lift, someone asked in the comments about the process, but the artist refused to tell anything about it, not even the name. Don't be like this, if you don't want to share the details of the process it's ok, but no even giving a hint on the right direction seems selfish to me. Be kind, remember most of the things you know, you've learned from someone else #Photography #Art

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