As some of you have seen via my Twitter, I’ve been enjoying both shooting and modifying Game Boy Cameras recently. Thanks to @devanopolis for the push, and @gameboycamera inspirations for the mods.

This Saturday I'll be down at The Photographers' Gallery documenting the Small File Photo Festival ceremony with my Game Boy Camera!

Come on down and get your portrait taken and printed #gameboy #gameboycamera

A Few Thoughts on Guarding Your Mental Health These Days

"Most of what passes for mental health advice involves suppressing negative emotions and pretending to be happy for the sake of others. Those of us who refuse to play along are labeled “negative” and identified as a threat."

~ from @jessicawildfire's latest missive:

#MentalHealth #OKDoomer #ClimateCrisis #Covid #doomer

Sharing a favourite portrait of mine. Megan photographed at The Flour Mill in March.

Ran into a light dust storm while out exploring. Unfortunately the photo doesn’t show the blowing sand that well!

📷 Hasselblad 500CM
🎞️ Kodak Ektar 100

I also love half frame cameras for both making little diptychs, but also for when the focus is blurry. Plus the grain is even more obvious on the smaller negative.

Been slowly drumming up support for a One More Stop half frame challenge, so revisiting some half frame shots before I got rid of the camera that took these.

One More Stop

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