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Howdy ! Name's Devan. I'm currently working on a year long project photographing in black and white along a single trail at Patapsco Valley State Park in Maryland with various film cameras.

I've been learning about along the way and hope to produce a book or zine at the end of this showcasing all the weird and wonderful mushrooms I've found!

Hello! My name is David Marsh, and I am a digital #photographer and #printmaker specializing in using digital negatives to print my #blackandwhite #photography using traditional and alternative darkroom processes. I'm based in Escondido, California. I also help administer the One More Stop photography Discord server:

Photography is cool and good!

Hey all! So lots of reasons why I haven't posted in a while. Mainly, my scanning light is broken still (about 8-9 months later) so I haven't scanned new shots in. This has caused a lot of film burnout.
Thankfully, I purchased a Fuji GFX 100s and have been taking it out on a walk around the lake almost every day!
So for now, I'll be slowly uploading photos I've enjoyed from my walks.

Winter is seemingly over so I can come back out of hibernation! Just got my rad AF Nanopano half frame medium format camera over the weekend. Took it out for a spin today, and managed to find a rabbit along my walk that didn’t immediately dart away. Felt really good shooting with it. I hope to have the results next weekend!

An absolutely demolished Cooper after todays walk. Spring is finally hitting our area so we can get out more. That means the mushrooms aren’t too far off!

Well, if today's post is anything to go by then in the next wee while I will be mostly creating Polaroids and...reviving tired bees 🐝💕

How cute is this though?! Tiny vial of reviving bee juice that you can carry around on your keyring and use to revived any tired bees you meet along the way!

Updated my lens sleeve for 39mm filter and lens cap compatibility

Went on a bit of a longer walk today over to one of my favorite buildings. The sun was pretty high and so was the contrast. I may try to go out earlier in the morning and photograph it in different light, but I love how the first one turned out.

Printing lots of step tables to calibrate my digital negative workflow for silver gelatin.

Took the following photo of our home office lamp 🛋️

Loving this setup: translucent blue Game Boy Color with a backlit screen replacement, 2bittoy’s Camera+ shell mod (with a zoom lens!), and HDR’s Game Boy Camera PCB mod.

Thank you to @gameboycamera for the soldering help!

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