Throughout my time taking photos, I've shot a lot of different formats. The image I'm posting today, for instance, is medium format film. I find it hard to bring up gear as it pertains to photography because so often it doesn't matter, but at the same time it does. I grew the most as a photographer when I was shooting 5 rolls of film a week, but I always wonder if I would've seen the same growth if I never touched film at all.

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@Max great shot and a great reminder about chasing gear instead of light. I was looking over some Edward Weston stuff yesterday, thinking of what he got out of one camera, one film stock, and a lot of time vs. chasing the biggest sensor, newest widget. Everything has a place (I think Weston would have loved Photoshop), but the core is the core.

@Max especially with medium format film makes you slow down and think about every aspect of the shot. Otoh digital allows crazy experimentation.

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