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With the reddit api madness, I’m moving to mastodon more primarily. Very turbulent times in the social media world (as usual). I’m trying out metatext as my mobile app for now.

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Auto in die Werkstatt gebracht, mit dem Fahrrad die 10 km zurück, Bild für #fotomontag gemacht. Jetzt warten auf den Anruf der Werkstatt 🙈

Worked on and completed some photography project submissions, and it really did a good job at putting me in shape as far as formatting and writing about my work. Whether anything comes of it or not, it’s been a net positive so far.

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Really sad that Apollo is done. That was a killer app I used happily every day and paid for. So frustrated to see Reddit kill it with stupidity, hubris, greed and avarice. Done with Reddit.

Here’s that diptych bound together by the confines of this post. Big, historic cities have a tragic problem of pieces of history being at odds with modern construction. It shouldn’t be that way, but it is.

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I wish Mastodon would not mangle images, but it's scaling things down for no good reason.

There's very long thread in a Github issue on this, but it's being ignored by the project leadership. :(

(P.S. I don't want recommendations for other Fediverse apps that can do higher resolution images. I know those exist. I want support for proper quality image attachments in Mastodon.)

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Philadelphia City Hall. Part of a diptych I made of old and new architecture in Philadelphia.

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With the reddit api madness, I’m moving to mastodon more primarily. Very turbulent times in the social media world (as usual). I’m trying out metatext as my mobile app for now.

Good Morning! One of the creature comforts of digital photography is being able to shoot all the scenes you see throughout a day. Even if I don't find the shot when I initially take a look, having the image available to be revaluated in a different state of mind is invaluable to me.

Another shot from my photowalk out in Wheeler NWR. Been in love with Fuji color as of late.

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I always wonder how they make the decision on where utility poles go. Sometimes it comes out beautiful.

📷 Leica MP
🎞️ Kodak Portra 160

I've talked about them before, but the US National Wildlife Refuge system is super interesting. On my walk through Wheeler NWR, I ran into a guy biking with his dog, two fisherman, and a runner. No park rangers or tourists, and no real density of people. Maybe that's why I prefer them to their national park counterparts.

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Throughout my time taking photos, I've shot a lot of different formats. The image I'm posting today, for instance, is medium format film. I find it hard to bring up gear as it pertains to photography because so often it doesn't matter, but at the same time it does. I grew the most as a photographer when I was shooting 5 rolls of film a week, but I always wonder if I would've seen the same growth if I never touched film at all.

This Wednesday, I've decided to start posting more. For now, I'm gonna pull from my backlog of work and just add some thoughts, but I'm always shooting, so I'll have some new work to show.

I bought my Fujifilm GFX50r in october of 2021, and about a week after the kit came in I ended up in Manhattan for a weekend. I shot like a tourist, and learned very quickly how to use the camera.

The shot below is a bridge in Central Park

Hope everyone's having a good Tuesday night. The image I'm posting tonight says a lot to me about the importance of being in a good location to take photos. Even a good photographer will have difficulties shooting in an area with nothing of interest. Conversely, an amazing location can prop up technically worse photos.

While not as commonly walked, there's so much beautiful protected nature areas across the US in the form of national wildlife refuges, wildlife management areas, and bureau of land management land.

The photo below is from the ACE Basin National Wildlife Refuge.

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