@NimbleDave I no longer have a darkroom, but in the old days I would sometimes hit those silver-chloride containing (warm tone) papers (Agfa Portriga a lot) hard with selenium. Split toning. I bought Selenium toner by the gallon (a gallon lasts a long time).

So about 18 years ago or so, post darkroom, I figured out how to do that in photoshop, and I still use the same file with those layers to drag over when I want to do that.

@NimbleDave Split toning is pretty hit or miss, so you will of course waste some paper and time. Some tones will pick up the toner in a different degree and maybe even a different color. Just a certain range of tones (with the Agfa paper and Selenium it was medium-dark tones). Here is an example of a digital -> ink jet print of something I used to print this way on the agfa paper from the 4x5 negative. This print looks a whole lot like the silver print
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